jane / jelly
asl 27 yo / female / usa
dob ??/??/1994
i'm the type of person who has a neocities page, what more can i say really! i am an independent artist in southern california. i like anime figures and toys way too much.
  • music Bjork, placebo, deftones, American football, sonic youth, my bloody valentine, massive attack
  • movies Tokyo godfathers, the big lebowski, o! brother where art thou, scream
  • anime puella magi madoka magica, neon genesis evangelion, digimon (adventure 1 & 2, tamers), baccano!, made in abyss
  • games fallout new Vegas, ham-ham heartbreak, animal crossing, vampire the masquerade bloodlines, persona
  • cartoons clone high, the powerpuff girls, king of the hill
  • tv Nathan for you, Nirvanna the band the show

  • favorite colors baby pink, lilac
  • favorite characters Asuka Langley Soryu, mew Ichigo, sakura kinomoto, gatomon, terriermon, kuromi & my melody, cinnamoroll
  • favorite pokemon clefairy, chansey, ampharos, gengar
  • my hobbies toy customizing, miniatures, making character designs, figure collecting and garage kits, thrifting
  • i am very passionate about: art and kitsch, ethical sustainable clothing, anti-pornography, anti-makeup
  • i do not buy clothes new, i am strictly thrifty!