the past week was very odd! i had a very large and expensive package stolen from my front door back in october. it was really upsetting, not only for the finanical loss but also the contents i was really excited for. friday i'm out picking up a prescription, and i decide to poke into a local buy-sell-trade type place. i find one of the items in my box; they're mass produced so must be a coincidence! then i see two more, then another, and then another set. definitely not a coincidence. (´-ω-`) it was really upsetting seeing them there for sale, and not knowing what to do. i let the staff know and they were really helpful, they're holding them for me while i get the police report. i'm really anxious to get that in hand! i'm kicking myself for not filing it 5 months ago but i really thought it was gone for good; my apartment complex has some real weirdos. i've found my laundry thrown in the dumpster before...(。╯︵╰。) but speaking of clothes in the dumpster, lol~ i found a huge bag of free clothes by one of the trash areas. i love. free stuff. a lot of it was not really my style. a lot of polyester (☆_@) why do they make all these nice summery patterns in polyester?! it can't breathe in the heat
╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭ i managed to pick out some nice little goodies though! the sundresses will be great for the trip i have upcoming! (´。• ᵕ •。`) its insane what people will throw away. not only the cost of some of these items but they were barely worn. the textile industry is sooo wasteful and exploitative; the amount of water and energy it took to make all those items is...ugh. i am not a fan. the cutest item is black velvet sparkly little slip dress. its adorable and super 90s. i suspect it is from the name on the tag too!
finally was able to sit down and do a lot to the site today! this page is going up, i'll be making an adopts page, my art...etc. i changed the color scheme too, i'm enjoying it! i am thinking some kind of white angelic background evocative of a rainbow prism and space and clouds. idk we'll see what i mange to pull off lol. i try to do "real" art work during the day so i feel a bit guilty taking so much time to work on this, but is this not an art project on its own?? must art be profitable?!?! it is when you work from home and its your living (´-ω-`) but i spent all saturday finishing up some last minute prints to order for wondercon this weekend.
i am usually wary about comic cons and wondercon is no exception. the artist alley is absolutely massive, much less the hall itself. i'm nearby the enterance after badge pickup but that doesnt necessarily translate to sales!! however it is very local, so might as well (◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ i always look forward to seeing fun cosplays and meeting up with friends and instagram people ! i am not looking forward to paying 6$ a gallon for gas though waaah .・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・.
anyway that is all for today! take care ♡