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BouncyBubbles.Net ToririnCastle

hmtl & css
00s site for website templates. not only a resource but a design time capsule as well.

super cute goodies for y2k kids. emi is really sweet too ♡

classic doll maker site. English mirror for mostly Korean games.

mini room maker
(archived) i spent so much time on this game as a kid!!!
dress up game site. their exclusives are very expansive and fun time wasters.
one still functional KiSS (digital paper dolls, lots of anime) sites on the web.

free and open source typefaces, but they are weird and cool

bitfont maker
make your own font pixel by pixel

arts & crafts
color palette generator
custom sized shape templates to print.
free stylized posable doll program for art reference. loads of other features too like perspective and lighting simulation.<
premade poses for design doll program.
lots of 3d models to browse or download. good art reference.
random art prompts and references

beauty packaging is very wasteful. pact pushes for better packaging practices while offering a recycling program.
if you don't have a local textile recycling facility, retold sends you bags to keep it out of landfills. they take anything clean as well, so send your socks missing a partner, dish towels, rags, etc.
comprehensive ratings of fashion brands for ethics and sustainability

all sorts of live camera feeds. mostly animals.